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Originally Posted by Norseman50 View Post
I have personally not verified this on my Series 3, and I cannot vouch if it is true for all years, but the post in the following link indicates that there is a 1/2" diameter access hole, directly under the trunk latch, that will allow you to thread a long screwdriver or hook up from below to release the latch mechanism:

I have also heard that some Spider owners remove the rear license mounting plate and drill a small hole in the sheet metal behind it to gain access to the latch mechanism.
I never found the hole in my euro S4

driling the hole method is outlined in post # 42 & 43 of that thread.
That method is useful ,because when it breaks again, you just remove the license plate and use it again (an 'emergency hole' if you will!) know its is there but others don't...well apart from a few thousand BBers....but we're an honest bunch of guys...

and anyway your avatar shows two hungry dogs about the size of european bison!!!

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