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Duetto windshield replacement

I see a batch of new Duetto windshields is available, in clear. Mine is all shot up from a gunfight long long ago. I'm fairly sure mine is original and is very pitted and has several holes. Wasn't planning on replacing it now, but maybe I should.

Some questions -

1. They came originally with clear? I'll go out and check, but I don't think there's any tint.

2. I assume a new rubber gasket is mandatory. I've lost track of who has good ones - any suggestions?

3. DIY or glass shop? Normally everything on these cars gets done by us owner-operators, and I assume a Safelite type glass shop is unfamiliar with old style windshields, but maybe not. I see even Osso had a shop install his. I could have the glass shipped directly to the shop if I knew they could do it well.

4. I see some very tiny Phillips screws in the stainless trim. Have you had issues with these stripping and/or finding replacements?

5. Do you need new clips around the glass?

Thanks -

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