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Originally Posted by Tom F2 View Post
I like your message, Tim. Sadly, 750-101 Alfas have not been as valued as 356 Porsches, though they deserve to be. The problem, as I see it, is that Alfa did not develop its product as well as Porsche, leading to a gradual tarnishing of the brand image. Secondarily, the Giulietta does not have the robust feel of the 356 and it rolls too much in cornering. But the original Giulietta was a gem of a car. When Italy's labor and political problems began to affect Alfa (and every other Italian manufacturer) in the 1960s, quality and product development deteriorated.

As for Italian vs. German manufacturing, I believe that Alfa was as systematic as Porsche, in the 1950s and early 1960s. The parts catalogue is as well organized as that of Porsche and better illustrated to boot. The model changes are well documented there and, I believe, reliable. Random variations are mostly due to neglectful service, not to lack of discipline at Pininfarina or Alfa. Alfa quality, particularly the Pininfarina contribution, was very good, though not up to Porsche levels. Bertone, well, that's another matter altogether. I guess that Hoffman didn't import the Sprint, at first, simply because he didn't like Bertone's execution. For my part, I cannot get past the miserable arrangement of the door hinges on Bertone bodied Alfas.

So, I agree with you that 750 cars deserve more attention by way of originality and that it's not okay to resign oneself to the belief that the cars were built haphazardly.

Our member, Tony S, has done a wonderful job photographing some original details on my Spider. I would be happy to post them for all, with Tony's permission, if there is some facility for doing so on this website. Suggestions are welcome.

P.S. Information on what is original to 356s is not 100% reliable, either. But the efforts to figure out what is original, in that community of enthusiasts, are impressive.
Sorry but I personally don't agree with the whole German vs Italian stuff. Porsche was working on one car, and it's astonishing how incredibly difficult it is to make one car so darn ugly. Not very sophisticated in my opinion. With all the production sports cars that Alfa was putting out, I think one needs to be even more impressed on how they actually managed to not screw it up worse. I love Enzo Ferrari's quote..." Alfa is the only marque capable of making gloves for mosquitoes".


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