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Hi Richard,

Not much of a decision for my car, a 101 Spider Veloce. It was supplied new to South Africa, and was 'restored' there many years ago. It looked like someone had stripped it down, thrown all the parts in the corner of the garage and then lost quite a lot of them. It was thrown back together with lots of odd bolts, wrong bits etc.. I would never have bought it had I not had it up on a ramp and found that it had no rust whatsoever! All the sill joins were dead straight, no 'growing' with rust, basically like new. I decided I could live with replacing the wrong bits as I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on the bodywork.

It looked crap as it was so I set about returning it to 'original' spec. On this forum, people like me are being criticized as being boring or anal. Actually I dont give a **** about the name calling, I'm simply trying to make the car as correct as possible, finding it difficult at times, but persevering to create an attractive usable car at the end of the process. Hopefully some of the stuff I've discovered will help others to do the same.
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