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Originally Posted by jc96 View Post
"poorly educated" does not equate to stupid. It's rejection by the more "common" folk of years of elitist thinking permeating every aspect of their lives. I hope it comes east as well. Ciao, chris
Well said. As Calvin Coolidge pointed out, the world is full of educated idiots, and in politics and punditry, at least, idiocy seems to be the rule, especially among those who appear to replace common sense with faculty lounge political theory. If Boeing engineers were as wrong as often as politicians and pundits, their planes would regularly explode while taxing. While Nativist hysteria is never admirable, anti-EU sentiment seems to go much deeper than that, despite what idiot Christiane Amanpour her fellow hysterics would have you believe.

p.s., in light of what's going on in Europe right now, a little "Nativist hysteria" is perfectly understandable.

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