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Yes, it turned out to be out.
It also turned out that no one had a plan for out - neither the live nor stay politicians have prepared for a live or the Scots and Northern Irishmen living the UK.
So, for observers it'll interesting to follow. For Brits in general it could end in a nightmare.
I'm a Dane and a great number of Danes think we should live, too. Personally, I'm for staying. But lots of thing have to be simplified or brought back to local governments and parliaments. As it's now many politicians hide behind Brussels, saying it's those in Brussels who passed this or that law.
Exciting times with president elections in France (Marie le Pen) next year and rumblings in the Netherlands (Gert Wilders) and budding nationalism in lots of the eastern countries. Not to speak of Greece and looming bankruptcy and unsolved refugee Problems. Germany's and Sweden's declarations "all are Welcome" and a Swedish politician declaring "Sweden is an humanitarian superpower". Two months later Sweden closed their borders for refugees and immigrants. German individuals, groups and parties revolting against the migrant and refugee laws.
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