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as said above
RH low beam is fuse #12
RH parking light is fuse # 9 (NB: also engine compartment light, LH rear parking light, LH rear brake if these are working it is not the fuse, obviously!)

fuses numbered 1-14 counting from left.

the 2 earth/ground bundles, bolted along the top, left and right of the radiator (photo shows the left-hand-side one, near the washer bottle filler neck on the S4) doesn't include the headlight ground.

the actual headlights earth/ground is a silly little wire screwed on the headlamp bowl/body, and is nearly always causing problems.
see red circle in photo (in case US viewers are wondering what kinda contraption is on the back of my headlight, this is the German spec headlight with the tilt motor)
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