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Originally Posted by goulet115 View Post
I have assumed that if it was a fuse, both lights would be out. Fuse 9 is out.
I am unfamiliar with the later cars (like the series 4's), but can tell you that the earlier series 115 spiders have four separate fuses for high/low/left/right headlights.

When you wrote "Fuse 9 is out" do you mean out as in missing, or out as in blown? Well either way, I guess it isn't conducting current. Spiderserie4 reports in post #3 that fuse #9 handles the parking lights on an S4, but its failure would cause all of the parking lights to be dark. It isn't clear in your first post if all of the parking lights are dark or just the right front.

Like Jim G and spiderserie4, I recommend checking the grounds. However, both the H and L headlight filaments share the same ground, so if your right highbeam works OK, then a bad ground is probably not the reason that the right lowbeam is dark. The low beam filament and/or the parking light bulb could simply be blown.

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