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Finally addressed the slow motion wipers. Did a little research, and thanks to this forum, found a host of others with the same issue. Following suit, I pulled the wiper motor out, removed the gear box cover and cleaned out all that old gruddy grease, polished the contacts lightly, replaced with di-electric grease, and cleaned up all the leakages. I also cleaned off all the mounting areas for the motor frame to ensure a better ground. Voila! They actually can probably keep up with the rain now.....if I ever get stuck in it, that is.
Also removed the rear light lenses to address a flickering reverse light. Also found some hints in the forum about replacing the gasket with RTV sealant. New bulbs and new gasket sealant, and it's back in good 'nick' as the Brits say.
Next on the list is the dead window washer pump...suspecting a poor ground there too. Wish me luck!
Thanks to this forum for the all the tips!

'82 Spider
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