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Running Great!!!

I'm new to Alfa's and I'd never driven one until I bought mine. It had some issues and I'm correcting but made great progress today. The engine didn't have the throttle response. It seemed to run rich. I was convinced I had vacuum leaks. The throttle would drop to an almost stall when starting from a complete stop about 50% of the time. It almost felt like the timing was off at times. I finally got an error code 1223 a few days ago. With some time today, I decided to put an end to the poor running engine. After checking the O2 sensor output, I found it way out of range(low). Replaced. I also replace the coolant sensor for good measure. I cleaned every electrical contact with deox-it. Double checked vacuum lines. Presto!!! I now have a lively running engine. The O2 was bad but I like to think the effort in other areas helped too. Each repair makes this little car more spirited. I should've bought one sooner!
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