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Originally Posted by papajam View Post
Why address a symptom when the cause can be eliminated?
Wise man say: hazards can never be eliminated, only managed.

Wise man also know tale of John M. Dark road, newly exposed manhole cover, wham. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Maybe you're omniscient about road hazards, but as a mere mortal I'll take the extra protection.

Personally I've never understood the logic of arguments against using a guard. The only practical clearance you lose is the quarter-inch thickness of the metal. I mean, If something is high enough to jam the guard into the pan, then likely it would've smashed the pan anyway if you didn't have the guard. Sure the *guard* hangs lower and will hit more stuff, but that just scrapes the guard and doesn't do any real damage.

I know mine has saved my sorry a$$ at least once.


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