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I think I can chime in on this, having had a few of these as my daily drivers for about 20 years...
For the money, there isn't a better driving sedan out there. They are hugely satisfying when they're working. After my first Sedan, I purchased a '74 BMW 2002, I don't know if I had a bad example, but compared to the Alfa, it was a slug. I hated everything about it. I quickly sold it off and bought the second sedan. From there out, I never desired any other vintage sedan. I still miss driving mine tremendously, but it was really taxing to own as a renter in a densely packed city. If I owned my own house in the suburbs, and could afford to keep it off the road while fixing it up, I would have never let the last one go. They are sublime drivers. I only ever owned the first series, but the '78-'79 "second series" should compare evenly (except on looks, inside and out, in my opinion).
If you're buying a project, it will probably continue to be a project for a long time. The 116 sedans are not well supported in the spares aftermarket. Outside of the main engine bits, everything is unique, so you'll want to research what this particular car "needs" and whether or not you can easily get parts. Interior bits are especially difficult to locate in good condition. If you're good with Italian or Google Translate, eBay Italy will be your best friend, over any of the big American suppliers.
Hope that helps?

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