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Here in the developing third world we have to think up innovative ways....the GTV6 could not be got into the country whole as the army has clamped down on smuggling routes form Afghanistan and Iran which have been used for arms smuggling as well....these were the routes used to smuggle in cars. Import of cars over three years old is banned....

So the GTV6 was cut up and imported as scrap. Finally it is here.

Now I have a whole car cut into bits and an Alfetta to transplant the parts into.....there is slight delay as the workshop is having my 1975 Toyota Celica TA22 done up But meanwhile the 3.0 litre engine was opened up just so that we could check it up. Wet liner engines may have water passage problems esepcially if they have been lying obtained from Chris Sweetapple form Highwood Alfa... very pleasant man. The engine is generally good with a good head and we are just changing the tensioner into a mechanical one and the water pump and seals etc.

More pics later
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