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Originally Posted by Green Meanie View Post
Please do keep us posted, Nader. Is it the BL-3500? I saw that those were on sale on the QuickJack website for $895. Great price but I couldn't pull the trigger since the maximum spread was 43.75" which was too narrow. Have to think that someone more creative than me could come up with an easy, safe way to extend it.

BL-3500 Hydraulic Jack - Portable Car Lift - Race Car Lift - QuickJack USA

After further research and talking with a company rep, I went ahead and ordered the 5,000 lb model yesterday (BL-5000SLX). Think it will just barely fit within the Spider's wheelbase. Not cheap but hopefully something I'll get a lot of use out of. Will provide an update once I get it set up.
Please post pictures!

I would love to get a MaxJax, but my garage is quite old and the concrete is of unknown depth and quality. Pouring a new pad for it would make the installation project a much bigger deal. Plus, it's much more difficult to transport if I ever move. QuickJack seems like a nice compromise between futzing with jack stands and a full lift. Most work where the car needs to be up doesn't really require that much rise anyways. The QuickJack also has nice potential for a trackday lift.

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