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Well, Gordon, I like paper books too.

But when traveling, my new iPad Mini carries all 12 volumes of Audibon Bird ID books, the Bible, all ten current best sellers, and a dozen other books and references. It'll even read to ME if Im tired!

It also has 12 of the nations best newspapers that I can read daily, and a dozen of the technical journals i read. I get 200 of the latest daily funnies and all the crosswords I can tolerate. I can stream any football or basketball game in the country as well as any TV program I want. It has a dozen current movies.

I also carry all 500 of the CDs I own on my iPhone so I can listen to any of that. (Movies on the large 9 inch HD+ resolution screen of the iPad, music on the 128 GB iPhone).

It weighs 5 ounces and is the size as an open paperback except its only 5 mm thick. Uses the same charger as my phone. Reads just like a paperback too. With its built in WiFi and bluetooth I can load anything else I want, and listen to all of it with my wireless headphones that weigh 3 oz and have noise cancelling to keep the din of air flight at bay.

Oh, and it cost me only $49 with a coupon I had, and shares the data link with my iPhone so no extra charges.

Like you, I love books too, but there is much to be said for the latest technology too.

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