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De gustibus non est disputandum!

In short (Latin) "Tastes are not to be disputed" or "There should be no argument about tastes".

I have had twelve two liter spiders since I saw my first one in December 1959. The first was white with red interior. The next was red with black interior. The next was dark grey with a green naugahyde interior (which is now red with black leather interior) The next was light grey (almost silver) with black interior. I've had a light blue and a dark blue. But I also had one in yellow with a black interior. This was the one originally sold in Switzerland with hardtop, nardi steering wheel, grab handle on dash, fairings at bottom of engine compartment around engine, and the rear view mirror on the dash cowl pedestal. I remember crying when I sold that one down the river. And, frankly, I can't recall anything special about any of the others.

As to the yellow color, I must indicate it was on a 1962 and new to me. The only yellow one I had ever seen. I felt it was very subdued, and very elegant, but not remarkable so as to wish my car to be that specific color. I do like the yellow color that is on the current Fiat models and also, by the way, the yellow available on Lexus. I have been toying with the idea of painting Giugiugaro's very first two liter sprint that Lexus yellow even if it was originally white.

But that is where tastes come in. My son tells me it would be a sacrilege. The last time anybody told me anything like that was when Simon Moore insisting that he had to get 8c2900A I had found because he would restore it perfectly and that if I kept it I would only be doing the equivalent of desecrating the bones of the apostles. That comment so shocked me that he prevailed. I sent him the car, but we agreed to be partners in it with him paying for all the restoration costs. Years later when he wanted to put the car into a trust for his daughter he finally convinced me to sell my share to him. Until then I was part owner and had the right to drive it ten days a year within 100 miles of where it was garaged, and each of us had first right to buy the car from the other's estate. When he bought me out he asked me what benefit I had from being part owner since I had never made it to London to drive it. Selling made sense (and his generosity didn't hurt). Besides selling right then helped me finish my Alfa G'Raj Mahal. He had restored it to its original blue two tone. He sold it a year or so ago, and the new owner redid it in tan and brown shades. Looked great at Pebble Beach. Simon apparently get disenchanted with the small cockpit and the cramped driving room that cause him pain in driving it. He also made on heck of a lot of money. Maybe I shouldn't have sold my share so fast.

But don't go arguing about colors. Paint your car whatever pleases you and drive it. There is no logical justification for having an Alfa except the incredible joy one always has in driving it. At least that was true for the years my two liter was a daily driver. Now I am shocked each time I see the report of another one sold. Each time it is for a higher figure. It's almost as bad as the 1900 series cars or the 6c2500 ones. Two liter cars are now sold at such prices that somebody has to die before one comes up for sale.

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