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AROSC Time Trial/Race Safety Issues

Originally Posted by Bruce Colby View Post
I have two comments:

First, I'm not sure why you think AROSC is unhappy with AROC rules. We, AROSC, run our track events without any interference from AROC and without being subjected to any constraints by the AROC insurance carrier. We run our track events according to our own rules and we independently procure insurance to cover those events. Consequently, there is no reason for us to have a problem with AROC rules.

Second, this thread was initiated for the sole purpose of addressing AROSC Time Trial and Race Safety issues. This is a very important topic and I think it is reasonable to expect people to post here accordingly. I appreciate your interest in safety but if you want to discuss club politics, this thread would be better served if you would find in a more appropriate thread for that discussion. If you can't find one that fits your needs, you can always start one yourself.
Apparently, the time at the track over the years has impaired your hearing and visual acuity; I'm assuming both the decibel level and the fumes have contributed equally.

One, I responded to a post from one of your illustrious racers who was instrumental in getting people interested in the 1st ever GTA open-wheel racing in Chicago at the convention this year, and then himself withdrew. But beyond that his post very clearly made reference to the fight with AROC at the board of directors meetings that he and Tom Suter participated in over the roll bar issue. Is that not a safety issue as is the 5-point harness requirement, the way cars are flagged to pit etc.? He opened the topic, all I did was expand on it and furnish additional information in that regard as well as the observation that nothing has changed over the years....same arguments.

Being independent leads to creativity, generally; but when it comes to the same points that can't be satisfactorily resolved over time, maybe the solution is using one set of specified rules that everyone follows, mandated by the National organization. It's a choice of being a team player or not.

Secondly, as recent as early this year some of your local membership were complaining about the amount of dues they pay to AROC without any real benefit except the measly dues split they receive since they do not use the major advertised benefit of dues: the insurance benefit, even though they are an active racing chapter.

My suggestion, while it may have alluded you, was to try and figure out what doesn't work for you with AROC National insurance, cost, coverage, etc. In other words, why are you forced to purchase your own insurance coverage? I'm pretty sure AROC has no clue what they're doing wrong or why you're forced to purchase your own. My guess, is that you're racing in a way that AROC doesn't cover. Did it ever occur to you, that solving this problem might also benefit other chapters that find themselves in your same situation and would like to do things better.

Brian Shorey has indicated previously that he would be willing to talk to anyone about why you can't use their insurance or choose not to.....with safety being the primary priority and concern.

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)

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