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AROSC Time Trial / Race Safety Issues

Originally Posted by jrclem View Post
As one of the co-founders of the AROSC on-track program, and an author of the original National Competition Code, let me chime in...
There was a HUGE argument back in the day over wether or not to require roll bars in open cars... we insisted that they be required in our AROSC code, and Tom Sutter & I spent a 15 hour long National BOD meeting defending that position... we won. It is likely that that victory has saved several lives in the ensuing 35 years.
A 5~6-point harness can be installed without ANY mods to most cars... SNAP OUT OF IT!!! This is a NO BRAINER!
If you are the "Responsible Party" in organizing any event you don't want to be the one making that phone call to the next of kin explaining that your loose rules (made in the name of attracting more entrants) have cost a life. THIS IS A STUPID DEBATE!!!
And this, dispute over roll bars and safety, is exactly why ARA withdrew and formed their own organization among other things. Nothing has changed over 20 years, the same discussions, same fights, same issues, etc.

AROSC, or a specific portion of it, is unhappy with AROC rules and how they dictate that track events must be run based on the insurance carrier that they have selected as a non-profit corporation that umbrellas the chapters.

I don't know the answers and am not about to try and solve them, but I see more splits and disagreements in the future over the same issues that have not been satisfactorily resolved or addressed.

Remember it takes members to race; without members to race rules aren't important, so I would suggest trying to seek resolution to the issues so that you do have members to race, both on a local and national level.

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)
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