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Originally Posted by rob burgoon View Post
Hey guys,

At the 10-12-08 Race at WSIR I had an issue with at least one person pointing to the left to indicate that they are pitting.

I confused it for a point by and got a surprise!

Do we have a standard way of signaling intention to pit, like the fist in the air like many other organizations?

It might be worth a brief mention in the drivers meeting at a place like WSIR...
This is going to happen if someone that's exiting has their hand out the window and they are off the racing line going through turn 8. They then go wide out of 9 causing what you are describing. When I plan on exiting the track at Willow, I stay on the racing line through 8, and the braking area, and I stay out wide through nine (hopefully me speed is down enough that I don't go off into the dirt), and let everyone behind me go to the inside, and hope they don't came to wide on the exit of 9.

But, to bring up another issue, I noticed at this event a couple of guy in the race group waring Class M (Motorcycle) helmets (you can tell from the design of the chin guard and the eye opening). I thought these were only allowed in the Intro group?

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