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A couple of weeks ago I was looking at the MaxJax which is called a "portable" two post lift. It's not something however that you could take to the track as you need to install anchor points in the concrete to bolt the posts to but it's something that can be used in a typical garage and stored in a corner when not in use. It will lift the car about four feet, enough to get under sitting up on a creeper seat.

As for this Quick Jack, it seems like a lot of gear just to get the car up 10 inches and I can see myself maybe needing to go to a Chiropractor after moving it around but for certain applications such as racing it probably is worth it.

The MaxJax BTW is about $2K but you can get one free delivery for store pick up at Home Depot. I'm still seriously thinking about one.

I'd post a link but I'm on an iPad and it's a PITA so just Google it.

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