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I've thought about this several times in passing. There are some excellent foundries and prototype shops in Monterrey Mexico who could easily produce c/r gear-sets. Monterrey is a center for car building is so has an infrastructure that is smaller but not unlike Detroit. They're doing similar kinds of work there. A lot of business in Mexico is/can be conducted in English.
They build a lot of cars in Mexico, VW has a huge plant there, So Im sure the infrastructure exists to manufacture quality parts. Its all about the design, material selection, secondary operations, manufacturing process control documentation, initial and AQL level quality inspection and control. Im assuming OSG did very little of this based on folklore, which is surprising for a Japanese company as most of them follow the Deming 6 sigma model verbatim. BTW: I still have all my 6 sigma books from the certification classes I took at Seagate and there are relevant processes that can be followed for low volume production of this nature.

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