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The restoration supply market was a little crowded and there just wasn't enough demand for their regular parts. There aren't too many older Alfas and FIATs on the road, comparably speaking. There's probably 1 vintage Alfa or FIAT in 10,000 cars you see? 20,000? Anyone's guess.

Also, I don't think there aren't enough vintage racers driving Alfas much anymore which was one of their other big area. The rules have changed in vintage racing and it costs a lot more now, at least that's what my Alfa friend told me at Sebring back in March. He quit because the cost tripled, thanks to Bill France (NASCAR) having bought Sebring and Road Atlanta in a package deal from Panoz. There were no Alfas in the historics race that weekend. The previous year, there had been 3 or 4 Alfas.

So, how many vintage Italian cars are actually on the road or are in garages and are either in restoration are road worthy?

Correct me if I'm wrong about things.

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