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I had a few problems with the 45DCOE152's, mainly due to inferior manufacturing. Two of the threads in the carb body for the emulsion tube holder were not completely tapped and were causing the threads to bind before the main jet was seated. Both float needle valves were damaged and I encountered fuel starvation at high speed that was only corrected by setting the pressure regulator to 5 psi. 140 main jets were too small and they caused the AFR curve to take a big shift upwards and I have settled for 145's. The unexpected result is that I have to run big air correctors. Here are curves for 200, 220 and 280 which is pretty good. I will probably stick with this combination and then play around with pump jets. I bought a couple of sets off Ebay and they don't quite fit so I will have to reduce the diameter of the spindles until they will slide in.

I tried 50F8 idle jets are they were much too lean. I now have 60F8 and they are pretty good. The car drives very well except for some lean hesitations when I get on the gas.
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