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Topical for me too, at the moment - I too have a 1600 GTV with the pressed-fibre/cardboard 'chassis', faced with the stick-on wood grained vinyl. A clumsy, oversize radio cut-out , peeling glovebox lid, plus a few cracks and general faded appearance means I have to do something with it.

I have seen Franjo's spectacular results with recovering one of these with the original-style wood grain vinyl, so provided you are an artisan, it is possible to repair to original spec yourself.

I have also seen fibreglass and resin used to reinforce the back of the dash with success, it's just the front which requires skill and patience. I missed that class.

Others have reverted to a painted finish, mirroring the earlier GT speckled grey finish. Some look good, others less so, but it is a technique which requires skills most of us can muster.

Just this morning, I saw a1600 GTV with a dash which had been re-faced in black vinyl. It was an excellent job, and really looked quite good, with the chrome trim (unique to the 1600 GTV) really standing out, plus a lumpy, grained finish similar to the GT. Made me go 'Hmmm...'.

With the original, the expertise seems to lie in (very) carefully peeling off, then replacing the wood grain vinyl over the tortuous curves. I have not seen any mention of repairing the wood grain vinyl without total replacement, but will watch answers to your question with interest for anything which suggests success can be achieved here.

Hydrographic transfer surfacing looks interesting tho. With DIY packs available, I suspect prices will come down. Of course, that requires dipping the cardboard dash into water. What could possibly go wrong?
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