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Some clarity is in order?

It has been some time since I checked this thread.

Before certain errors mentioned here become accepted as "fact", I must point out the following:

6C0312902 was not the only Alfa Romeo owned and used by Gaspare Bona. I cannot pretend to know them all but he owned and used 6C0211412 (1500cc) from July 1928 to April 1930, hence in an overlapping time period with his ownership of 6C0312902. Shortly before selling 6C0312902, Gaspare Bona purchased the Gran Sport 6C8513075, a car which he owned until 14 June 1932. (Note: The chassis 6C0211412 is a correction (August 9 2106) from a previously posted error of "6C0211402")

Bona sold 6C0312902 on 19 August 1930 to a company named "Soc. S.A.P.R.A." (in Torino at Via S. Teresa 24) and I do not know if the "Soc. Sapra" was related in any way to either Bona or Consiglio. The recorded sales date from Soc. S.A.P.R.A. to Ignazio Consiglio was 10 February 1931 and the initial writing in the PRA record said Consiglio was living in Messina but this was corrected in the record to Torino. At this point, we cannot know with certainty when the address correction was made. Consiglio's racing license during 1933 shows him as being domiciled in Torino as of 1933. I wonder if Consiglio was working (or going to school?) in Torino during a portion of the early 1930's?

At this moment, I know of a photo showing 6C0312902 at the II Bobbio - Passo del Penice 14 June 1931. It should also be a nice photo of Consiglio and his co-driver. One week later, Consiglio was 8th in his class at the IV Biella - Oropa hill-climb and it is easy to assume that it was this car that he used.
In the meantime, Gaspare Bona owned and raced (occasionally) two Alfa Romeo 8C cars in succession (8C2211056 and then 8C2211051) from May 1932 to April 1936.

The PRA record during Consiglio's ownership remained without further note until more than one sale was recorded during 1983. The first 1983 notation records that the car was sold 1974 to a fellow who sold it 1983 to Aldo Cesaro. At that time (or shortly thereafter?), it seems that another car (with Zagato-style coachwork) may have taken the identity (using the paperwork of 6C0312902) while the "original car" (probably?) had already gone in another direction?

Unfortunately, not enough information has been shared about either car (both cars!) claiming the identity of 6C0312902 to allow us to form a truly informed opinion about what it was that transpired during the last thirty years or more.

So, it will not be enough to merely document the early history of chassis 6C0312902. We will also need to describe ... with some assurance ... what happened during more recent times.

Buon divertimento!


P.S. Consiglio raced during the 1950's in the Siata Daina Sport Coupe N. SL*0286*B. He reportedly said that he owned the car (and raced it many times) from 1952 to 1966 without ever registering it for the road. Sometimes what "should be" ... is not.

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