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Thanks guys, I think maybe, we're narrowing it down. . . I'm needing to correct another issue with a leaking seal on the Speedometer sending unit. I've been waiting to get it up on a friend's lift, so while I've got it up in the air, I can look at the compressor mounts . . . I'll bet I can fabricate new bushings if the ones under the mounting plate are mushy.

This car shows 50,000 miles and by appearance and general condition, even with the incomplete maintenance records that I have, I believe it to be original mileage. As I'm working thru these relatively minor issues, I wonder if it would be prudent to go in a bit deeper, and change the timing belt? The car runs great, and I've no reason to suspect an imminent failure, but I'd rather perform a preemptive maintenance, then a later necessary one . . . maybe with associated valve damage.
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