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Sorry for the late response. Lets start from the beginning. I purchased my 1983 Spider a few months ago. The previous owner had recently replaced the engine head. I have replaced the oxygen sensor and vehicle is in good fuel control (Switching fast and less than 100 milliseconds rise time on scope). I did an engine compression check but I did not check it at normal operating temperature and with throttle valve open. The engine cranking speed was slow. The compression readings were low (110 Avg.) but reasonably close in variance. I have been told to check the engine compression at normal operating temperature with throttle valve open and with a fully charged battery. I will do another engine compression check as recommended when I get a chance to (Focused on the vehicle cosmetics, interior, kids back to school, work, etc.) There is no exhaust smoke of any kind. The vehicle recently passed the smog inspection here in California with very good numbers. The vehicle runs great on level grades… BUT… I know that there are some horses missing, noticeably going up a steep grade hill. The day before I went to my trip to Laguna Seca I removed the valve cover for the first time and checked the chain tension (too tight) and adjusted it. I took lots of pictures with the valve cover off. Now with the kids back to school I finally had a chance to sit down and look at the pictures that I took. Look what I found and here are my questions… (1) Am I correct in saying the picture shows an electronic Variable Advance in my car. (2) If so, can I install a mechanical centrifugal force variable valve head (originally came with my 1983), to the current intake camshaft? Please help.
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