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Originally Posted by Craig_m67 View Post
...That spica blanking plate looks chunky
Yeah, what's up with that? I'll look into that later. At least it's alyoominium. Speaking of which, here's my stock of metals. That's a Stanley Vidmar cabinet, so each drawer can support about a teaspoon full of dwarf star. Near part of the drawer is all Ti, and far part is the plastics. Steel and Al loosely organized in the middle partitions.

I'm made mention before of my stockpile of Boeing aluminum sheet plate acquired just before Boeing stopped selling surplus to the general public. Well, I collected this mass of metal by similar means and luck from a Seattle metal supplier. They initially sold the Al lengths (even highly desirable 7075 and 2024) for a few buck a pound. Their main business is online orders for specific lengths, and also industrial supply. So the scrap and saw droppings they sold off the shelf weren't a priority.

Then, a few months back, to my surprise and delight, the last few trips I made there they just gave me whatever I wanted for free. So at first it was just few choice pieces, then with subsequent visits I started walking out with literally armloads of free metal; stainless, various flavors of Al, and even a couple pieces of Ti. I took whatever they had. They were just trying to get rid of the band saw droppings before the scrapper or recycler took over. Now, you can't buy the droppings anymore, not even under the table (I tried, even offered beer, because I got to know the guys).
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