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Reinstalling my original Clarion Radio Questions


I'm trying to reinstall the original Clarion Radio in my 1986 Alfa Spider and it is confusing.

I removed a much newer radio that a store installed. The Workshop Manual Wiring Diagram doesn't go in enough detail (doesn't indicate all the wires) and some of the connectors don't match up so I have questions.

Please see attached photo for reference to questions.

Any Help is much appreciated!

1.This Blue wire is factory-labeled Green. Did I hook it up correctly? If not where does it connect?

2.Where does this Green wire connect?

3.Where does this Gray wire connect? (end is pointed to the right in photo)

4.Where does this black ground wire connect?

5.Where this black box attach inside dash?

6.Where does this Gray wire connect?

7.Where does this Blue wire connect?

Do you see anything else that needs to be corrected?
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