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I've owned several GTV's, to me the best seat they had is the Giulia GTV deep bucket. Sitting in them just felt like wearing gloves.
Whatever version of period Alfa seats you're sitting on, you're dealing with ethnocentric Italian ergonomics. If you're shaped like an Italian the seats are pretty good. While I never found the seating position as uncomfortable as many people complained, my lower back problems made lengthy travel in my GTV a painful experience. Then I changed to a period German made Scheel seat and found nirvana. With it I could drive 500 miles and not have back pain. Later I put Recaros in my Alfetta sedan.

This time around around, my friend Jim Sikking re-padded my oem Giulia Super seats . . . and completely transformed the driving experience of this cool little car. Despite my back complaints, with this re-padded driver's seat, I'd have no qualms driving cross-county in my Super. Somebody who knows what they're doing can re-pad your series 2 seats to fit you're specific body contour, giving you real lumbar support where you need it. This can be done with the original material and without dramatically the oem shape of the seat.

Jim . . . '72 Super 1300, '70, 1750GTV, 2nd series,
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