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Alfaali, your Silver/red color combination is lovely.

Now, regarding the previous post... I think there were differences between Euro S1 and S2 headlights. I seem to remember the S2 had a height adjustment lever; I know for a fact that the S1 did not have it, having owned a 1969 Canadian 1750 (Euro spec with Imperial instruments)

I've owned several GTV's, to me the best seat they had is the Giulia GTV deep bucket. Sitting in them just felt like wearing gloves. The S2 has a bump in the lower part of the backrest - some sort of lumbar support that does not match my anatomy. But I've tolerated it for the past 33 years.

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In the states the headlights of the US 1750's were entirely different: ...
As for seats, the flying buttress seats never seemd as comfortable to me as the later seats. Given a choice I'd always choose the latter, regardless of the better styling of the former. But then, Alfa GTV seats, were never particularly comfortable. Period Recaros were much, much better.
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