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Well, each to their own...however I don't think there's any difference in headlights between S1 & S2 1750's, and the flying buttress seats of the S1 are much more stylish that the flat buckets of the S2.
In the states the headlights of the US 1750's were entirely different: sealed beam high/low beans on the outside and the inside was a manually switched, largely useless, fog light. The European specific cars have much brighter lights overall while the inside light was a high beam controlled from the standard switch. Being in OZ there's little chance of actually coming across a US market 1750, but if you did, you'd be surprised at the differences. Not all were bad (Spica mechanical injection is good) but the cars were much different. Overall, the European specific 1750's always seemd more winsome in many subtle ways.

As for seats, the flying buttress seats never seemd as comfortable to me as the later seats. Given a choice I'd always choose the latter, regardless of the better styling of the former. But then, Alfa GTV seats, were never particularly comfortable. Period Recaros were much, much better.

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