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These cars have a timeless beauty that only comes from great creative minds. The Italians in this period seemed to be able to do that better than anybody---and the GTV is a perfect example. The first time I saw one (a Sprint GT on the cover of Road & Track), I was captivated. For my tastes the 2nd series European model 1750's are the best of the lot. Better headlights, 4.10 rear end, better seats, small taillights, Webers (not that Spica is bad) made for a more attractive, esthetically pleasing package than the US version cars. Of course I'm biased because I have one . . .
Well, each to their own...however I don't think there's any difference in headlights between S1 & S2 1750's, and the flying buttress seats of the S1 are much more stylish that the flat buckets of the S2. Both have small tail-lights and the S1 is cleaner without the front side indicators.
But then again, I'm biased.


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