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the story continued

Having finally got the car over to Lahore it was inspected...It had been stood under a tree for quite some time so the rain gutter area on the roof was corroded and holed.
2. the drivetrain had been replaced by a Nissan V6 with a non transaxle a result the rear subframe had been changed.,...outboard brakes fitted etc
3. The interior had been gutted and replaced by Corolla AE86 Hachiroku type seats......

So the next order of business was to trace a donor vehicle. The search started and a search through the forums as well as a post was helpful.

Got in touch with Vince Bhachu and did a deal with him.... or so I thought....whats with the guy... he just stopped answering my phone and emails. I hope he is well.

So finally contacted Richard at Cheshire Alfa in the UK and did a deal for an 81 GTV6 all complete plus a 3.0 litre from 75 and gearbox along with a rear subframe. So now I have the mechanicals for one car and a donor car with a 2.5 litre with a body in rather tatty shape.

I am now becoming greedy. I think a restoration of the 81 gtv6 is in order along with making an evil twin with the 3 litre and the close ratio box picked up from Cheshire...AH Motorsport of the 81 GTV6 are coming up
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