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Alfa GTV6/ Alfetta GT restoration story from Pakistan

I have posted earlier about the story of the restoration of my Mk1 1750 GTV 105 series that took all of several years.That is posted on the 105 forum... just search for Pakistan.

Inbetween have have increased the stable with a couple of Minis and a 911sc targa but have always hankered after an Alfetta GT that I had found in Karachi about 750 miles away.

Several years ago I answered an Ad in one of our local newspapers about an Alfa GT that someone wanted to sell. This turned out to eb a callow youth who picked me up form my hotel in one of the emasculated post fuel crisis Mustangs the powewr of which would not skin a boiled potato... and whcih he though was the bees knees.

Anyhow he showed me Car Magazines best Alfas feature in which the Alfa GT was featured along with several others. he wanted the equivalent of 5000 Dollars at the time. The knowledge of Alfettas was evident by teh fact that the purported engine of the car was lying beside it with the gearbox mated to the was obviously not a transsaxle drivetrain....

I made an offer of 2500 Dollars equivalent which was about 2200 more than I thought it was worth but was told that the man had almost made a deal for 4500 dollars and would only sell to me if I raised the bid.

Anyhow I have to go to Karachi a couple of times a year for examining in our local equivalent of the Boards in Neurosurgery and every time I would make a pilgrimage to the hosue where teh car was parked and slowly rotting away. When I met the owner generally trying to tune another rotten car ( mainly Americana ) I would nake an offer and he would say he wasnt inerested in selling. One visit I found out that he had disposed of the car as a lot with several cars including a Camaro MK 1 convertible....dont know whether it was original or chopped.

So I forgot about it until someone told me he knew the new owner. By this time I was fed up and gave the asking price.... 5000 dollars.. a sucker is born every minute right....

Anyhow pics will be put up in a few minutes....the car now had a Nissan V6 and had the rear subframe removed etc....

Links to a previous thread with some of the story as it continues is here
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