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2.0TS 155 engine (engine code AR 67202) will have a longer stroke crankshaft 90mm (instead of 88.5mm of 75TS engine), so the rods are shorter and pistons are different. Crank does not have spigot bush...

155 block has oil squirters under pistons which AFAIK 75TS does not have.

155 block is a little different where the oil pan bolts up, so the 75 sump wont fit without modification (original 155 sump won't clear steering rack - at least in 75 engine bay).

Front cover (chain cover) is different (water pump and oil filter location changed), and most likely won't work in rwd engine bay, because of the oil filter location (can be changed to a 75 cover as far as I know).

intake is angled up on 155 head slightly and 75 intake manifold won't fit on 155 head.
No place for a distributor of course. The thermostat housing is at the back of the head, so might have to deal with interference with firewall, and cooling hose routing will be different. The VVT oil channels in intake camshafts are different from 75 and VVT is actuated differently (cams are otherwise the same as far as I know) - most likely for the power target you are looking for, the VVT will be disabled anyways and cams won't have these oil channels.

If I was in your position, I would want a 155 crank in 75 block and use 155 head on it. As far as I know this is also the recipe that some shops in UK and Germany use to get higher performance TS engines (with custom pistons and cams)...

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