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Originally Posted by NMMilano View Post
Rebuilt carbs? I'm going guess the carbs are out of sync
New distributor, are you sure the timming is right?
It sounds like you have what you need, putting in new rings would be throwing money away.
Here is a good article on setting the carbs, Daves home page
carbs may indeed be out of sync. i need a sync tool and that link will be of great use, thanks

i believe the timing is right

Originally Posted by alfaparticle View Post
Which carbs are you using - the full model number?
full number? i don't remember dcoe 40s xxxx....

Originally Posted by 101/105guy View Post
Maybe your cams are flat......

interesting thought, i'll post some pics

Originally Posted by gprocket View Post
It would probably be useful to define what the motor is doing:
Hard starting?
Rough idle? Rough running at certain speeds? At All speeds?
Lacking power at certain points?
Backfire out exhaust?
Backfire out of intake?
Is it worse cold, hot or all the time?
Blue smoke?, white smoke? Black smoke? No smoke?
Water in oil? Oil in radiator? Oil leaks around the head?

I'm sure there are plenty of other maladies, these are just off the top of my head.

If you can make a youtube video and post it, it may help in the diagnosis.

Sounds like you just need some tweaking and not a lot of money. I know this is not a SPICA motor but I find it interesting when you are dialing in the FI pump that as you go the motor runs crappier and crappier until the final twist of the screw driver and then every thing falls in place and it runs fine. Unnerving in the process though...
yes i should of said all this first, sorry

hard to start cold, rough idle, uneven idle, will go up then die down.

lacking power when you accelerate, also a large bog if you floor the gas pedal.

backfire out of intake, and i retarded the timing from the mark and it runs a little better.

no smoke, no leaks. here is a video of it running

thanks for the help everyone, and the shoulder to cry on
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