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Originally Posted by Olczyk
Here, it s serious forum and if you cannot prove anythings about a scandalous untrue rumour..........don t start s simple.
Talk about what you really known, and say things that you can prove.
It will delete automaticly mostly of your messages.

If everybody start to say all stupids things, it make no sens or we are in a circus.
+ by telling untrue,unproven stories, you damage the value of a real car.....but may be that s why you do it, to try to hurt somebody ?

P.S Look the previous message, you start again this, not me

Can you not read???? I have said that this should become a PRIVATE matter and that it was at AT YOUR REQUEST. Others have also asked that it be a private matter, yet YOU continue to make it public; NOT me!!!

Moderators, PLEASE close this thread and any other thread Mr.Olczyk starts in regard to this. I have NO desire to say anything more to this man in a public forum.

Stu Schaller
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