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I do not have $5000 to risk, although I am certain I would win your bet. As I told you on the telephone, I spent some $400,000 taking care of my mother before she passed away 5 years ago, and an still recovering financially.

I do NOT claim to be the world's expert on TZs, but I am no fool. My father was a body builder of the Mercedes pre-WW2 grand prix team, and Johnny Lurani was a cousin on my mother's side of the family. I know cars well, and what is from the period and what is modern recreation.

If you are indeed telling potential buyers what is a real car and what is a recreation, and have all the true facts about Alfa TZs in your book, why are you so upset what not only I have said, but what so many other people have said about the book?

If everything you say is the truth, how can any OPINION anyone else says hurt your business??

No one has commited any crime against you, they have only given their OPINIONS!!

I told you THREE TIMES that I have only heard RUMORS about a second TZ with the number 0075 that exists. I have not seen the car, which is supposed to be in the US, or your 0075 or even 0003 in person. I TOLD you that!!!

I am still certain that if I inspected a TZ, I could say if it was a real car or recreation, simply from the knowledge I gained from my father's experience at Mercedes and from 35 years of study of Italian and French sports-racers.

I am HAPPY to discuss anything with you, but let us make this a PRIVATE matter. It was YOU who asked this matter become totally private, and yet, it is YOU who continue to make the matter public both here and on the Atlas nostalga forum!!

As to Tubolare Zagato I would not want him to be the judge, as I do not know how much knowledge and experience he actually has. I would suggest Andrea Zagato as a judge!! I know him (but NOT well)...I knew his father through my cousin Johnny Lurani. Andrea raced my Moretti 750 bilabero Zagto coupe in the Mille Miglia retro in 1991, after I had sold the car.

What is your problem?? Why do you continue this matter publically, when it was YOU who asked to make it a private matter?

I will leave all of this to the members of the Alfa forum to decide who is the "bad" guy here!!

PLEASE, just stop the public some have asked....and send any future "letters" to my personal e-mail address [email protected]

Stu Schaller
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