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Stu known so much !
Share with us with real infos ( not gossips ) where is the replicar 075.
Name of owner, location, photos.
If you cannot provide real infos that we can verify, it s just a other ballon story that you give to the people to try to show them that you known somethings.
Me, in my book, I put photos, names of owners, registration number.
Do the same or stop your stupid rumour who damage the reputation of the best TZ in the world

P.S For the bet, OK we will take a third party to judge us.
You come to France with Tubolare Zagato, and I will show you 2 cars.
If you loose, you will pay all the costs of transport + 5000 $ .
If you win, I will pay all the costs + 10 000 $.
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