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Changing the Subject within Threads

Originally Posted by Subtle View Post
This one involves a Christmas gift. As an amusement, Lois gave me a gift certificate for a "pedicure". I told her my feet did not need a cure.

As anyone would understand, there has been a growing sense of obligation.

So the other morning off we go to the foot place and let me tell you this is "no-man's land". Fortunately there was only one customer, plus I had Lois for company.

Chairs include a built-in sort of footbowl (not a new sport) with running water. And removed of shoes and socks, with pants legs hiked up the process began. The chair had some elaborate massage system. Nails were clipped and buffed. Calluses were sanded. Feet were anointed and massaged.

After some 45 minutes it was done.

Walking out, I ran into an old friend who is also a gearhead.

His look demanded an explanation.

"Just had my feet detailed".
I guess the appropriate question, is what color did you have them "detailed" with?

I'm a regular pedicure customer, and so is my friend, Lois, not your wife since we live in different countries. Lois and I used to work together and coincidentally suffer from the same illness, so a pedicure is a nice pick-me-up and life-saver in more ways than you can appreciate.

I will say it's important, as anyone that uses a salon knows, to pick carefully as far as cleanliness and procedure.

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)

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