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Got my Spider yesterday and may have broken it already!

I was driving around town, and getting familiar with my car and enjoying a nice sunny day. Missed seeing a pothole and heard/felt a large bang. Was doing about 25 mph at the time. I pulled over and looked under the front, then at the pothole. Two large scrapes on the asphalt where the skid plate hit. No oil dripping out that I could see. I drove home, paying more attention to the pavement, and was a bit less rev happy as well. I may be paranoid after what happened, as while the engine seemed to run fine, it sound a little odd if I let the revs get a little high.

Parked the car and about an hour later looked under again. Metal cage/skid plate looks to be up against the bottom of the engine oil pan. Seemed to be two small drips, looking to come from the front corners of the pan.

Bottom of the engine was filthy on the car when I bought it, PO kept a large drip tray under the car. So there was some leakage going on prior, but that is pretty common on older cars in my experience.

How do I tell if this is a normal gasket issue that I can just keep an eye on the oil level or something more serious? Prefer not to pull the engine if I can avoid it. Guess I could clean it off and see where the leaks come from. What is the chance I did some internal engine damage?

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