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Drove to work in the rain today. Was temped to take the Abarth as it would do better in this type of weather. It was a real rain, near downpour at times. Used the 'A' mode and used my helium foot. Had to leave the lead foot at home. She did just fine. Never broke loose or got squirrelly.

It rain all day and on the way home too.

The defroster is a joke. The windows started fogging up. Turning the heat on and setting it to defrost seemed to make it worse. Both sides and the front.

The rear defogger works great. Both rear windows fogged up, the small horizontal and the bigger angled glass. Turned on the rear window defogger and both panes cleared up.

The front and sides just kept getting worse. About the time I was ready to pull over and look for a rag, I remembered something. I have A/C. All A/C units have a 'dryer'. So I hit the A/C switch and twisted the knob to cold. In seconds the glass cleared up, all three.

It was a long slow drive, idling in second on the Highway at times. So I had time to play with things. Not that thing, get your mind out of the gutter. Leaving the A/C on and setting the heat control to where I was comfortable is what worked best. :idea:

I played with the radio for a while. What a hunk of junk. In 'A' mode at slow speeds the radio can heard because the car is quiet. The radio actually goes quite loud. It sounds like dog water. It is hard to use the controls.

My conclusion: Leave it alone and never ever turn it on again. Or, toss it in the trash and replace it along with the cheap speakers. As a daily driver, stuck in slow traffic for two hours a day, a real radio seems in order. Seeing the Alfa logo is not a substitute for bad music.

When I told my wife about the defroster not working, she told me to take it back to the dealer and get it fixed. "But it's an Alfa. It's got to at least one minor problem."

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