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We put on about 170 miles today. My wife promptly fell asleep. I think that says a lot, in a good way. It's not so noisy or uncomfortably that you can't nap. She likes the seat. "Most headrests bother me, but not this one."

Because of the break-in restriction, I was in Natural mode all day. The computer won't allow Dynamic or Race modes until 180 miles. It seemed, hmm, under-powered, sort of. Very smooth is a more realistic statement. Full throttle freeway on ramp got going real fast real quick, but not with that neck snapping sling shot effect I was expecting. Smooth.

We were able to converse easy and naturally. I think the wind rushing in the windows was louder than the exhaust at 60 to 80.

Some road conditions could really be felt. We both agreed that it was a lot like my work truck while empty. The car picks up the surface ruts easy and transmits it into the steering wheel. The wheel jigs and the car jogs. I don't fight it. Just as quick the steering wheel jogs and the car jigs. Never skipped a beat. Never got out of shape. Never changed course. Never had to force the issue. Well manured.

Took a few interchange sweepers that I'm used to. In my work truck, 70 feels like the safe upper limit. In my Abarth (Fiat 500) 80 mph is comfortable, not the safe upper limit, just comfortable. In the Alfa at 80, she wants to run. "Why are you holding me back, Master?"

The steering is light. Even at full stop it's not hard. I can easily one hand it around town. Now, maybe I need to point out my comparison cars. My work truck, a 3/4 ton with manual steering. My race car, a Datsun 240Z. My Abarth with electric assist. The truck I can one hand but only while moving. The Z has a heavy wheel, but I like it. The Abarth gets heavier in "Sport" mode. The Datsun, Abarth and Alfa all weigh the same, just under 2500 pounds. The Alfa feels like the Abarth in Sport mode. Anybody that thinks it's heavy needs a lot of exercise.

Just a few miles from home, at the end of our day, I was able to go into Dynamic mode. So I tossed her into Race mode right quick. Well, let me tell you. The exhaust note changed considerably. Louder. Meaner. Growl Snarl Spit. Cough. Fart. Oops, last two were me. Goose the throttle and she jumps like a slingshot. First time all day my wife yelled, "Slow Down!"

I didn't go fast. I just goosed the throttle. Neck snapping response.

Went to a shopping mall. Got a lot of comments.
"I saw one of those at the LA Auto Show. Was told they wouldn't be available for two months."

This kid (19 or so) asked me, "Do you like it?"
"Well, it's mine. I just bought it."
"Did you test drive it first? Did you test drive the Cayman first?"
"No. I didn't test drive iether one. I just bought the Alfa."
He looked at me like I was an idiot or something and walked away.
A man walked up and said, "That was really dumb question. What kind of car is this. It sure is cute."
We had a nice conversation about Alfa Romeo.

While driving, another kid (young man) looked admiringly at the 4C. Told me it looked great and asked what kind of car is it.
"Alfa Romeo."
"Oh. Who makes it?"
"Alfa Romeo. Fiat owns Alfa Romeo."
My wife had to remind me that most people, especially the young, never heard of Alfa.

The attention just never stops. I'm not complaining. I knew this was part of the deal. I'm proud to an Ambassador of Alfa Romeo.

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