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She's in my driveway. I drove her there. She must be my car.

At the dealer's. The lights are not on, that's a reflection of the flash.

I went into my dealer today, Santa Monica Fiat and Alfa Romeo, to see if they had sold their first car or not. They had not. My salesman opened the door and told me I could sit in it. I've sat in three already, but OK.

Then he gave me the key. I'm no dummy, he wants me to start it, so I did.

Well, I must have blacked out or something. The next thing I knew it was my car. It was a long black out. I went to my bank and came back with a cashiers note for the full purchase price.

My wife was kind of pissed that I spent $98,500 (including taxes). After a few hours she calmed down enough to go for a ride. By the time we got home she was ecstatic.

Took my brother for a ride to our father's house. Dad was so excited I thought he was going to pee his pants. Took Dad for a ride. Let my brother drive it back home (my home).

015 is Alfa Rosso and had 10 miles on it when I sat down and fired her up. There is an aluminum license holder provided for the front plate. Mine is in the trunk. No holes defile the the front fascia. She had been fully prepped including a full tank of gas.

The steering is easy, even at full rest. At normal speeds I was able to have a comfortable conversation with all my passengers. The tires pick up on the rain grooves more than I'm used to, but not as bad as my motorcycles have. I can feel certain types of road surfaces, more than most cars, but nothing severe.

Have not turned on the radio. Defrost works well. Headlamps light the road nicely. Seats feel comfortable, the wife gave her approval.

Still in dynamic mode, manual only. Paddles work well. Computer takes care of the rev-matching for very smooth shifts. The few times I ran her out, she up-shifted early on her own, at about 5,000 or 5,500. Red line is 6,500. Doing about 30 MPH on the Blvd and it would not let me shift into 6. Go slow enough and she down shifts on her own. This is Dynamic Manual mode.

Tomorrow my wife wants me to drive her out to one of her quilting stores. I think it about 50 miles each way. I know a few nice canyon roads on the way.

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