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Edward: don't waste your time. Pretty much no chance an old A/C system is going to work with just a belt.

If it's been sitting unused there's a 95% chance the compressor seal is bad at this point, and I'm sure the refrigerant is low if there's even any still in there. Not to mention that you don't know what refrigerant is in there, so it's probably going to need a conversion to 134A.

I've been to this rodeo before: take chairmankaga's advice and just take it to a shop. A/C systems require a lot of expertise and tools to get working right.

My guess is you're going to need a rebuilt compressor, a new reciever/drier, and probably some o-rings replaced. A shop can replace the parts, pump it down, find leaks, and then recharge with the correct oil and refrigerant. Figure on $700-1000 if I'm right.


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