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You might as well put a belt on it and start the car and engage the A/C. Worst case is a seized compressor which will either snap the belt, burn it up quickly or squeal and smoke loudly--in any of these cases stop the engine and expect to replace the compressor and dryer and expect a full flush of all components [may also have to replace the expansion vlave].
If it does none of the above, make sure the compressor clutch is engaging the compressor. if not, check all wiring and relays. If so, hook up manifold guage set and take hi/low side readings at idle and 2000 rpm. You can also look at the sight class on the dryer and look for refrigerant flow assuming it is the original dryer with sight glass.
They system originally used R-12. If it has been converted, it should have a sticker somewhere under the hood and the fittings on the compressor should have r-134a adaptors. Also some people have been known to charge the systems with [basically butane or propane mixtures]. If that has been done, be very careful if evacuating the system.
If the pressures are really low, have the system evacuated by shop that is EPA certified for recovery, reclamation, and recycling. Afterwards, you can begin the leak diagnosis with nitrogen and/or standing vacuum tests.
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