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I still haven't found a definitive answer about the S4's being galvanized, but if you do use Bondo, the gold or platinum variety adheres to galvanized bodies. I was planning a full repaint after I retire but an unavoidable deer running down the middle of the road bumped my time frame up a bit. Luckily (??) it hit the driver side front fender right at the wheel arch. The wheel took most of the impact, creating a shimmy at 55 (probably knocked the wheel weights off), moved the orientation of the steering wheel a bit, and increased my negative camber by 1/2 degree since my last alignment. A trip to the alignment shop fixed everything except the camber. I have adjustable upper control arms ready to be put in. Another S4 paint issue is that you need to use flexible primer for the plastic bumper skins and add a flexibilizer to the bumper skin clear coat. I also used that primer on the mirrors and cowl grill and will be using it on the rocker panel covers. All of the fender damage was easily accessible from behind which made the repair a lot easier.

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