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where to start to get AC functioning again?

When I purchased my 1988 Quadrifoglio several months ago, the AC was not functioning. A routine inspection found the belt between the crank pulley and compressor missing. With the ignition off, the compressor pulley spins freely.

If I wanted to try and get the AC functioning again, should I:
(A) Start the car, turn on the AC switch, and then try to turn compressor pulley by hand (to see if compressor clutch is engaging)?
(B) Install belt and turn on AC system and note sounds and actions? *
(C) Take car to AC expert and pay them a few hundred to diagnose and provide estimate?
(D) Forget the whole thing, save my money, and just drive the car with the top down in the summer?

* - Will the hood, radiator and/or cooling system fan need to come out to access crank pulley to install AC belt?

Other questions:
Anyone know what kind of refrigerant was used in these systems in 1988?
Will I need to change over to a different type of refrigerant?

Chairmankaga - I have read all your AC refurb threads to date. I would love to hear your thoughts, in hindsight, about what you would recommend I do.

'88 Quad - "Claudia"
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