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Tubolare Zagato
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Originally Posted by GiuliaSprintGT
Hi Max, this is an interesting question. To restore ot to improve? Well, following the italian way of thinking, I usually prefer to restore the car, even if I know I keep all the original problems (as the Dunlop brakes...). I can tell you that italian market prefers original cars, and doesn't like replicas or improved cars (it means no 2000 engine or ATE brakes on a Giulia Sprint GT). So, a modified car will be perhaps faster and with a better handling, but absolutely it won't be more valuable. But I see that abroad things are different...
Ciao Antonio! I fully agree with you!!! I prefer restoration to improving!
It is sure that European way of thinking regarding classic cars is very different to the American one. About 1 year ago i with another friend from Greece had an argument with some members from America arguing exactly on this matter. Firstly i was surprised very much by the difference in our way of thinking but then i understood that it's how they like it.

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